My last post was a rather grim look at the result of a bug infestation. My green chili tree suffered a similar fate as my cucumbers. Rather then depress you with the aweful images, I’d rather show you a series of shots detailing growth and eventual harvest of some awesome green chilis, cucumbers and leafy greens.

This photo is of the early growth of my cucumber plant. These grow quite tall, so I improvised a trellis using some scraps from a previous woodworking project.


Here you can see one of my growbeds positively bursting with healthy growth of an asian green leafy vegetable. I think this one is called “Bai Cai”. At the back of this growbed you can see the early shoots of my green chili tree springing up.


Here we have a successfully pollinated female cucumber. In the absence of bees or other beneficial insects, I had to resort to hand-pollination. I wonder what the rules in Singapore are regarding beekeeping at home :D


Before the chili tree bears fruit, it presented me with these beautiful little buds, which later opened into little white flowers.


After a week or so, the little flowers become full-formed chilis.


… and there is nothing like a fistful of green chilis to put a smile on an aquaponic farmer’s face :D


… or how about a 500g cucumber !? I actually managed to harvest about 6 of these one-pounders before my cucumber plant succumbed to the aphids.


The growth never stops in aquaponics. I leave you with this shot of a massively overgrown Spinach in the foreground, and my green chili tree standing proud in the background. This particular variety of spinach is called Basella Alba, but more on that in a later post :)

- FIN -

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2 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    Enjoy your sharing on aquaponic !
    I am starting out, and wish to learn how you treat our local water for fish. How can I safely remove chloramine from our water , as almost all the water conditioner that I am aware of in the fish hobby are not fit for edible fish and I guess also plant .


  2. kenneth says:

    hi i was wondering how do you pollinate the cucumbers? is there male and female flowers on the same plant?

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