Tilapia – Found !

I have been trying desperately to find a source of tilapia in Singapore ever since I conceived my system almost two months ago. I’ve approached just about everyone I could find online and in the real world.
Singapore has this curious passtime called pond fishing. Small commercial operations build small concrete ponds and stock them with fish. The public then shows up and rent fishing rods and buy bait to fish in these ponds.

Large fishing pond at Pasir Ris Town Park, Singapore
Typically these fishing ponds also have bait shops attached to them. The below one at Pasir Ris Town Park did not have any tilapia, but I picked up some milkfish from them. The bait shop did not have a oxygen, so they just bagged the fish in some water, and I rushed back for the 30 minute drive home. All the fish made it to the tank alive, but 5 of them perished with 24 hours. The remaining five have now been in my tank for a week and are doing OK.
Bait shop at Pasir Ris Town Park fishing pond, Singapore

Yesterday, April 21st 2012, I finally managed to track down some red tilapia from the bait shop at a fishing pond along Pasir Ris Farmway 3.

View Surecatch fishing pond in a larger map

This following video is a short record of the mini-adventure, which also resulted in me stumbling upon the rather nice Lorong Halus Wetland.
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  1. Ibledave says:

    Hi Stephan. My name is David and I’m a Maker too! I saw you at the faire yesterday and I think I’m hooked on the idea of aquaponics. I’m considering a small setup like the one you started with to grow some vegetables and herbs. I roughly understand how to system works but could you explain to me how much water should be in a certain part? By the way, there’s a canal down at sunset way where there are lots of tilapia that you can fish for. Great blog by the way :)

  2. Hi David!
    Thanks for dropping by at the booth. The ratio to remember is 1:1. i.e. for every 1 liter of water in your fishtank, you should have 1 liter of volume in your growbeds. So for example if you have a 60liter barrel like what I had, you should also have three of those 20cm high toyogo tubs I was using, or two of the 30cm high toyogo tubs.
    The next ratio is the stocking density of you fish. You should have about 1 adult (750g) fish per 10liter of water. So if you have lots of smaller fish, just adjust by their estimated weight how many you should have.

    If you need more help, drop me an email. My email address is on the contact page (see top right-hand-side of blog).


  3. Lawrence says:

    Hi Stephan,

    Thanks for sharing info regarding tilapia fingerlings and hydroton balls. I was just about to ask you where I could find these things.


  4. Tony says:

    Hi Stephan,

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to see more postings. Cheers.


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